“Emergency mode:  virtual desktop online (VDI) to the rescue!”

That might soon be the battle cry of many team leaders, project managers, and their remote workers who are encountering tough challenges and problems that they need to solve ASAP. Retrieval of files from a distant or another location, file sharing that has to be done with a very little warning, and even fixing software glitches are just some of the solutions that can be provided and/or performed during a crisis situation.

For example, a worker is about to present a very important document or presentation to a client outside of his home. Another situation is that he has to work on it while he is out of the house. But he forgot the laptop where he stored that document. A few years ago, as a back-up, he would have to find that document in the google drive and access same through the smartphone or laptop that he brought with him. Another recourse would be to call a colleague and ask him to email him the document. Go back several more years, and the situation would have been direr. If he did not have a smart device, an accessible email, or an online drive, chances are he would have to go back home and get the laptop. But that was then, and fortunately, this is the digital era where file sharing, chat groups, the internet of things, and other digital wonders exist. His problems can be solved if he has a VDI.

Not any more. The advent of the windows virtual desktop changed all that and practically re-invented the remote working landscape. With a vdi desktop, you bring your entire working virtual life with you, and not just store it in your bigger desktop or laptop. You can access it using any device wherever you are, by just logging in with your username and password. For the more inventive and resourceful remote workers, they do work on their desktops and laptops at home — but squeeze in work when they leave their home through their smart devices because these are easier to carry. But the entire virtual working space is the same. Your virtual desktop online, the arrangement of your files, the software you always access — they would be identical on every device you use.

Emergencies that happen during remote work then becomes minimal as given in the above examples about the VDI. What makes this even more convenient is that two or more remote workers can collaborate on their virtual desktops if they have the right software on both. Distance, the seeming lack of the same file in either party and working on real-time schedules are no longer hurdles to efficiency and productivity.

HOPLA’s project managers and remote workers have a smart working knowledge of the application and know how to maximize it to boost productivity and team collaboration. Call us if you want to know more.