A bit of good news for business owners and entrepreneurs looking for creative talents to hire: the net is buzzing with remote hiring websites that can make their jobs easier. In this modern age of recruitment, scanning for these talented virtual workers is becoming a specialty.

No need to scroll down the bigger job sites which tend to mix remote workers, freelance workers, and full-time employees. Instead, there are actual remote outsourcing websites that can offer you specifically remote talents who work at home. You can contract them various ways — part-time, project-based, per-hour, contractual, and even full-time. But one thing that makes them stand out is that their talent pool is primarily filled with virtual workers. So let’s take a look at these popular websites for creative talents.

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff is one of the remote hiring websites that have been getting the attention of employers and company heads because it enables you to track down employees’ actual working hours. The search function is easy to maneuver. You can find the talents you are looking for by category or browse through their resumes. But the gold at the end of the rainbow happens when you do hire one of these workers. Hubstaff’s time tracker enables you to see real-time productivity output of your remote worker:  when they log in, what time they start and what time they finish, how many hours they logged in, and what they actually accomplished.

Accountability and certainty

This feature answers the concerns of business owners who value time and money. They also don’t have to worry if their hired virtual assistant for example suddenly takes a break when he should be on the job. The time-tracker reassures you if you are still on the fence about employing from remote hiring websites.


Jobspresso also provides a solution to those who are still on the fence about browsing remote hiring websites. Like most of its counterparts, this site offers hundreds of remote job opportunities to almost talent imaginable, from computer programmers, marketing gurus, to graphic designers and artists. But what sets it apart is what goes on behind the scenes.  The team behind Jobspresso does a thorough job of checking both the remote work that is being posted on their site, as well as the resumes of those who apply. That way, both employers and virtual talents alike are verified as authentic. This process helps build the trust between both parties and can make the transition to negotiation smoother.

One bonus for business owners is that, for a fee, they can bump up their remote work listings to the top. This can immediately grab the attention of the talent they want to attract.

Angel List

Angel List might be best for you if you are a start-up. It’s probably the best site to start your search for remote hiring. That’s because Angel List’s list of jobs has to come from start-ups and new businesses. This immediately opens up the hiring process for talents who want to find remote jobs in emerging companies where they think they can make a difference. At the same time, it manages their expectations. They already have a good idea of a start-up’s challenges and opportunities.  Once the interview or email communication happens between you and your talent, you know that you are on the same page, and are probably looking for the same thing.


Then there’s us, HOPLA which means Home-based Organised Professionals Leveraging Ability. There are good reasons why we always land in the top results of a search for remote hiring websites. We do have specializations, and we excel in providing you talents that are specifically focused on the creative arts, administrative work, social media and digital marketing, and data security services. At the same time, we are always casting our net to look for the remote location jobs that are always in demand. In that way, we are always attuned to what our customers — that means YOU — want and need.

What sets us apart from other remote hiring websites

But we are more than just one of the dozens of  those websites. We are a remote outsourcing provider who takes a strong hands-on approach once you work with us. We don’t leave you alone once your search for virtual talents is done. What we do is walk with you from beginning to end, from the time your project starts to the time it is completed or takes on a whole new phase. We make sure that our remote workers are on top of their game and perform, delivering what you want when you need it.

A project manager will be assigned specifically to your account if you are too busy to manage your people. They will always keep pace with your business, and assist our virtual talents in adapting to what you need. That’s what the Agile in our acronym stands for.

Remote hiring websites are rising, and that’s because the need for dedicated, talented remote workers is also increasing. If this is what you are looking for, have a strong start in your journey and call us now.