Content moderation has always been part of every marketing strategy. Because let’s face it, the world we are living in can be cruel and harsh. One comment, one review could ruin the reputation of any company. That’s why we have to thank content moderators. They screen, monitor, and approve content that would appear on your website. This way, you can make sure that your business’ reputation is guarded. However, your moderators are also human and prone to err. That is why we have provided you with some of the content moderation tools that will reduce human error while increasing your website’s traffic.

Increase Traffic with these Content Moderation Tools

“30% of Millennials Media Time is Spent with User Generated Content”

-Crowdtap and the Social Media Advertising Consortium (SMAC)

According to the research made by Crowdtap and SMAC: millennials, which are forecasted to have record-breaking purchasing power, are most influenced by user-generated content or UGC. Millennials believe that UGC is 50% more trustworthy and 35% more memorable compared to the information that they get from other media sources.

Recognizing the power of UGC, marketers have included it in their strategy and planning. However, putting your product in the hands of the public could put your reputation and customers in danger. That is where content moderation comes into the picture. However, with the rise of the internet and different platforms, moderating content became more challenging and time-consuming. With the help of these content moderation tools, the face of content moderation will change.

Content Moderation Tools: Plugins for WordPress Editors

Every website has its content, don’t they? That is why it is important for the content to be as accurate and factual as possible. Starting with WordPress Plugins, content moderation will be easier than how it used to be.

Editor Moderation Tools

Editor Moderation Tools is a plugin that helps in moderating articles in WordPress. It sets notifications each time a new content needs moderation. This content moderation tool works best for a WordPress Website with multiple authors.

Aside from setting notifications, some of its features include the following:

  • improved content moderation process
  • ability to leave remarks for authors to review
  • ability to consolidate all posts on a single dashboard

This gives the author’s ease in reviewing and revising the content accordingly.


Akismet is another plugin that works best on the WordPress website. Its primary purpose is to filter out spam from your content. However, it can also be used as a scanning tool for reviewing all your posts and pages in your WordPress site. It automatically checks all comments and connects before it gets flagged.

This is one of the content moderation tools that will help prevent malicious content from appearing on your WordPress site. The best thing about this plugin, aside from being user-friendly, is that you can get it for free.

KingSumo Headlines

Headlines have the power to convert your traffic to actual customers by 127%. Thinking about what a powerful headline can do, would you want to lose the extra traffic and conversions?

KingSumo Headlines is a WordPress Plugin that tests your headlines. All you need to do is to craft as many headlines for your post as you can and your visitors will do the analysis for you. You can then use this analysis to construct the best-performing title for your post. Sounds like a piece of cake, doesn’t it? However, in able to maximize the use of this plugin, your website needs to have significant traffic, otherwise, no analysis will be collected.

Having effective content moderation tools on your WordPress site ensures the protection of your website’s content. Hopla is a company that offers content moderation services starting from creating the content of your websites to filtering malicious contents. With tools to aid our dedicated team members, we assure you a top notch and real-time content.

Social Media Moderation Tools

Social Media is also one of the key players when it comes to marketing. With its prevalence, marketers started using it as a platform to promote different products and services. In fact, social media bridges the company to its target market- creating an opportunity for interaction and conversation.

But, managing and moderating social media contents is not an easy task. Without the proper tools or the correct management, you might not be able to meet the demands of the public. Thus, we have listed some Social Media Moderation Tools that might help you keep your sanity, meet your market’s demand, and increase your traffic.

Facebook Comments

Millennials, having the highest possible purchasing power, uses Facebook for more than 3 hours a day. They browse, like, share and even comment on feeds that they see on their walls.

Facebook Comments is one of the social media moderation tools that allows users to leave comments linked to their Facebook profiles. This way, users no longer need to create a login for the commenting system. All they need to do is to login with their FB profiles and leave comments using it. Thus, activating Facebook Comments on your website can increase your company’s interaction with the public market due to ease of access. Doing this brings you closer to achieving your social media marketing goals.

As for the social media moderators, they can organize the comments posted by time, or by the most engagement. This can be done through the FB app or through your browsers. They can also apply to bulk actions for easier moderation.


Why do you think your customers buy a product? Is it because it is recommended to them or because of its good reviews?

Whenever we make a decision to spend our money on something that is unproven we are seeking some kind of proof or assurance that it will be a quality and good experience, which is why we rely on what other people say about it.

-Melissa Todisco

According to an article, customers purchase something because it has been recommended by an influencer, a friend or a family member. This is because your consumers trust the people they know when it comes to quality feedback on a product. Your customers trust the information they get from influencers. Thus, finding an influencer interested in your post can just not boost your traffic but can also increase your conversion rate. But, how can you find these influences?

Onalytica is one of the many social media tools that help you find relevant influencers interested in your product. It helps you locate influence based on your link, services, article, or your post. This allows you to connect with these influences. However, you just don’t contact them and promote your content. It will be best to start building a relationship with them by adding business or value to their blog before asking for a favorable return.


Facebook is, perhaps, the most used social media app- making it the #1 referral traffic source to your company’s websites. That is why content marketers, used this to their client’s advantage by analyzing the likes you get for a specific product.

One of the social media moderation tools that help moderators analyze your product’s likes is the LikeAlyzer. This social media tool gives you an overall score based on the engagement on your page. Likewise, it gives you some recommendations to increase the engagement on your page. Another good feature of this tool, compared to other social media tools, is that it gives you insights on your likes, comments, and shares per posting. You can also compare your page with the average of similar Facebook Pages.

With LikeAlyzer, your social media content moderator will be able to analyze, and discover what works for your products, and what does not. This way, you can achieve more traffic and higher conversion rates!

With this list of Content Moderation Tools, you can now bring your business goals closer to your reach. However, you do not need all of these. What you can do is to explore what works best for you and from there, start building your plans and strategies. Knowing the best social media content moderation tools will convert your visitors into customers at a speed of light.

Online Moderation: I Can’t Do it on my Own!

Content Moderation is not something that works on full automation. Despite the big number of content moderation tools available online, you still need a content moderator to review and to filter out things. This is because a strong seller-customer relationship is built through the connection and interaction.

We at HOPLA acknowledges the importance of building connections to our clients. At the same time, we also acknowledge that our team players need technological interventions to be able to perform more efficiently. That is why we offer you content moderation services that will capture the need of customers for human interaction without compromising the efficiency of their work. With our dedicated team members are working to increase your traffic and conversion rate, you no longer have to worry about content moderation.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and let’s plan ahead for your company’s future.