A web content moderator implements a set of pre-arranged rules and guidelines to regulate user-generated content. Content moderators have become business’s allies in mitigating the risks of allowing content from their consumers. This is what makes content moderation integral to a business’s online marketing strategies because it enriches brand reputation and customer experience.

According to Digital Information World’s 2019 Video Marketing Statistics, 100 million hours of video content are watched on Facebook daily while Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos per day. This means that even if a minute of these videos contain inappropriate images, it may damage your brand and consequently affect public opinion.

Digital Information World, Video Marketing Statistics 2019

Protecting a Web Content Moderator Against Harmful Content

The benefits of a sustainable content moderation service are undeniable. Businesses recognize that images, videos, and ads shared or produced by consumers add value to a brand’s credibility online. Despite the risks attached to user-generated content, more and more businesses incorporate it in their online strategy. It is what makes content moderation complex and crucial in protecting both parties. As a result, business owners are hiring web content moderators to manage user-generated content.

An online moderator job typically requires reviewing and monitoring end-users’ submitted content. Their goal is to ensure that their network is free from offensive or unrelated content. Oftentimes, a web content moderator faces sensitive material that can take a toll on their emotional and mental well-being. Because of that, businesses should work to not only protect their brand but their content moderators as well. Businesses can start taking care of a web content moderator through these tips:


Incorporating Moderation Algorithms

Algorithms and artificial intelligence can automatically analyze and promptly approve massive amounts of content. The problem with AI-powered moderation is letting machines filter content according to programmed rules without context. For example, the infamous Elsagate, where videos posted on Youtube were categorized as child-friendly but contained inappropriate content for children. This only shows that an algorithm is not entirely foolproof amidst tech advancement.

However, using algorithms as a pre-approval method can help with managing a web content moderator’s job. You can design an algorithm that identifies what can be automatically approved and which ones require the moderator’s attention. In this way, humans and machines are working together to streamline content as well as protect a moderator’s well-being.

Rotating Content Moderation Tasks

Web content moderators can be faced with the same danger level of daily content. While they’re dealing with varied content, routinely scanning UGC can be tiresome and tedious. As a result, a fatigued online moderator can miss something important. To prevent this, rotating the tasks assigned to your moderation team can help refresh their minds. For example, you can switch tasks every two hours to ensure a deep focus.

Developing Wellness Programs

Your business can enjoy the benefits of hiring a content moderator especially if they are emotionally and mentally healthy. Businesses should prioritize the health and wellness of their online moderators by developing a sustainable wellness program. For example, they can enforce pre-evaluation, orientation, and training to prepare a web content moderator for the job. Additionally, you can create a work environment for recognizing online content moderators’ performance. Recognition does not only make an employee feel good about their work, but it also motivates and increases their productivity.

Outsourcing Managed Content Moderators

Web content moderation is one of the most difficult jobs out there today. The sheer volume of content to review can be overwhelming. Add to that the risks they face to provide a safe online environment for the business and its network. Managing a content moderator is a must for this reason, but it can be a daunting concern for a business.

To get away with these concerns, you can consider outsourcing project management services through HOPLA. A remote project manager can take care of ensuring that your web content moderator is always in top shape. They can manage and provide strong psychological support for your content moderators. Whether it’s for managing social media accounts or web content services, HOPLA will help you take on the online competition without worrying about outsourcing costs.

Find out how easy it is to manage your company’s content moderation initiatives through HOPLA. Email or chat with us and protect your web content moderators today.