The rise of user-generated content caused a significant increase in the need for outsourced content moderation. Not only does it promote a safe online environment, but it also has a big contribution to a successful marketing strategy. Aside from these, outsourced moderators provide 24/7 services, promising real-time solutions to potential risks.

More businesses seek the help of moderation companies to protect their users and their reputation. Here are some companies who chose to trust outsourced moderators to handle the processes:

Companies that Benefit from Outsourced Content Moderation

1. Facebook

On 2017, Mark Zuckerberg established Facebook’s expanded “community operations” team and added content moderators. The team had to protect the platform’s 2.3 billion users from content that violated the company’s community standards.

As the number of violators grew, they had to hire more Facebook content moderators. Facebook started outsourcing the tasks to multiple countries, including the Philippines. This increases the effectivity of real-time monitoring, slowly improving the website’s overall environment.
outsourced content moderation

2. Twitter

Being one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, Twitter also had to keep up with online protection. Although Twitter posts have a short character limit, its users still find a way to violate community standards.

Just like any social media websites, Twitter also allows users to block disturbing content and unwanted interactions. There are also blocklists available for users to utilize. Unfortunately, this feature has problems with false positives and caused some users to suffer professionally.

By outsourcing social media moderators, monitoring has become more accurate and fair in the platform. In fact, with the help of these moderators, Twitter continues to come up with innovative features that help the website become a safer place to speak.


3. YouTube

It’s no secret that the largest video sharing website uses outsourced content moderation services. With over 300 hours of video uploaded to the website every minute, it became a challenge for YouTube to monitor content.

On 2017, a popular brand expressed extreme disappointment when their ad played on a video that involved problematic themes. This shook up the entire platform, affecting all of the website’s creators in the infamous event called “The Adpocalypse.”

Now, with outsourced content moderators, the website’s balance is slowly returning. There is immediate action on videos with inappropriate themes, encouraging more brands to advertise on the website.

4. Amazon

One of the biggest e-commerce companies also chose to trust outsourced content moderation. With over 350 million products in their marketplace listings, it is inevitable to encounter something undesirable. To avoid these, Amazon outsources content moderators to take immediate action.

“The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth’s most customer-centric company.” – Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

Aside from filtering extreme content, the moderators also monitor user reviews. They verify the authenticity of the reviews and ensure relevance to the product being reviewed. Moreover, moderators relentlessly track purchases to guarantee its swift arrival.

5. Roblox

Yes, video game companies also outsource content moderators.

Roblox is a Lego-like virtual world platform for teens with a total of 80 million players monthly. Unfortunately, it failed to create a safe space for its young players. Last year, a child’s game character experienced sexual harassment in the virtual world. This encouraged the vice president of marketing and digital civility for Roblox to outsource content moderators.

With the help of moderators, the game minimized toxic behavior and harassment among players.

6. Tinder

Finding love online is possible, but it can also be dangerous. This is where content moderators help protect dating app users.

Tinder has over 50 million users worldwide. To ensure its users’ safety, Tinder outsources moderators to report inappropriate conversations and watch out for alarming keywords.

Fun fact: Some Tinder users outsource themselves! When they’re having trouble connecting with the “perfect one”, they outsource their love lives. How? They hire someone to compose an enticing Tinder bio, strategize photo uploads, and even engage someone in an interesting conversation.

Where to Outsource Content Moderation

From tech giants to dating apps, outsourcing content moderation has become a huge necessity. Truth be told, user-generated content can make or break a brand. If these companies who rule the online world outsource content moderation services, what’s stopping you from getting one for your business?

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