Today’s consumers are spontaneous. When they want something, they want it NOW. Customers also expect you to give it to them how they want it delivered. If not, these customers easily find another and forget about your brand in an instant. If they enter your website and find something that interests them, they expect a comprehensive knowledge base for FAQs or managed live chat agents to instantly provide solutions.

Due to the advancements in technology, brands are able to communicate with their consumers swiftly and conveniently. Travel agencies, hotels, and even cleaning services, are able to provide a seamless reservation process for their customers. Although some of these solutions may be costly, companies also find efficiency with other affordable options such as offshoring live chat support or back office solutions.

24-Hour Customer Support

Your customers feel valued when you help them through their journey in using your service. This promotes brand loyalty and can have great rewards in return. As a growing business, you can expect a large volume of inquiries. Having around-the-clock online help chat support maximizes your time as an owner while you take care of your customers at the same time.

Increase Your Potential Customers

Today, when a person is in need of a specific service, all he needs to do is tap on his phone and Google will do the rest for him. Example, John is in need of a cleaning service to take care of his studio before his exhibit comes on Saturday. He searches it, sees your website and decides to make a reservation. When you have a readily available live chat service, you can easily convince John to make an appointment with you. This means having an active web chat online can turn all your website traffic into customers! Fast and easy, right?

Seamless Appointment Booking

When providing a service, you need to keep your customers comfort in mind. This means helping them experience a seamless transaction along the way. If a customer visits your website and not find an obvious way on how to book your service, they might close the tab immediately and find another. We don’t want that to happen. When you have a team of managed live chat agents, you can save yourself from losing potential customers at the same time keep existing ones because they know you make it easy for them.

Saves You From Answering Multiple Calls

As a growing business, you should expect a large volume of inquiries coming in your way. Be prepared with different types of consumers communicating with you on various platforms–may it be on phone, web chat, or social media. Having a team to actively respond to your customers allow you to focus on managing your company.

Increase Your Bookings with Managed Live Chat Agents

Are you having a hard time shifting in between taking care of your business and managing your customers? As a startup business venturing in a very competitive industry, you must learn what your target consumers want and deliver it as they want. This means creating convenience and keeping up with the latest trends to keep your name visible in the market.

Doing it with a limited amount of resources won’t cut it. This is why businesses of all sizes maximize theirs with outsourcing and getting high-quality results without spending on expensive overheads. Here at HOPLA, we strive to give you the best solutions bespoke to your business. We strive to bring our best efforts to accommodate your customers, giving you more time to focus on managing your business.