Does your website offer live chat support? If not, your business is missing out.
Website visitors prefer instant support and fast responses, which is something live chat can provide. In fact, this feature has the highest customer satisfaction rate at 92% compared to other channels like email (61%) and phone support (44%). Businesses also report an increase in their conversion rate by 45% with the help of live chat agent service.

As a business owner, you either adapt to these advancements or let competitors woo potential clients away. The big question is, how can your business keep up?

The Rise of Tech-Savvy Customers

With the fast growth of technology, customer expectations significantly increased, especially in live chat support. Customers, regardless of their generation, are more tech-savvy than you think. That is why they expect businesses to perform according to the latest trends in customer support.

live chat agent service

Live chat services tick all the boxes in the customer care checklist: fast, convenient, and reliable. This explains the increasing need for online help chat on websites. In a nutshell, the business with the best live chat agent service has a higher chance of closing deals.

However, simply incorporating live chat in a website does not guarantee instant sales. Most customers still prefer high-quality services over anything. To provide excellent live chat support, your business needs help.


Useful Technology to Improve Live Chat Agent Service

To make the process easier and more convenient to both live chat agent and customer, a website must have the following technology:


Customers appreciate when a website offers 24/7 chat support. However, it will be inevitable to have moments where an agent is not available. This is where chatbots become useful.

A chatbot, short for chat robot, aims to simulate human conversation to provide customer support. In a rule-based approach, chatbots attempt to answer questions based on its programming. Usually, their training focuses on frequently asked questions, such as store address, delivery details, and price range.

When a chatbot fails to provide answers to the customer, a website should have a backup plan.

Self-Search Support

In the absence of a live chat agent and the limitations of a chatbot, trust your customers to help themselves.

Most of the time, a chatbot will provide instructions on how to proceed without further communication. The next steps should be easy to follow. Also, it is important to consider what kind of help your customers might need. With the information gathered, website visitors can navigate through a self-search library which includes relevant articles, videos, photos, etc.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

A lot of customers feel valued when they are treated as a unique individual. By investing in CRM, a business can make this possible.

A CRM system helps analyze customer-related data based on a visitor’s website interaction, including purchase history and general requests. With the information gathered, live chat agents can get a good understanding of your customers to provide a personalized experience.

Cloud Solutions

Customers want fast and high-quality chat support, and your live chat agent service needs to keep up.

Your business might possess all the valuable information to increase customer retention, but it will be in vain without the necessary technology. With cloud solutions, your team can easily share knowledge and experience to better serve repeat or new clients. Everything an agent might need is one click away, eliminating delay and hassle.

Boosting live chat customer satisfaction

Before implementing live chat services on a website, keep these in mind:

1. Quality over quantity
Fast and quality customer support go hand-in-hand. A website’s live chat should not sacrifice the other and put customer satisfaction at risk.

2. Personalized experience
Customers like to feel valued. By providing customer service that’s unique to them, you can expect both satisfaction and loyalty. Digital technology, such as CRM, will help your business provide the best-personalized customer experience.

3. Outsource live chat agents
A live chat agent can make or break this plan. As an employer, you must look for agents who are dedicated, patient, skilled, and experienced. It is also important to consider their familiarity with the latest technology and live chat software.

Here at HOPLA, we help you connect with the best-outsourced professionals. Our team works hard to guarantee excellent services not only for your business but also for your valued customers. Talk to us today!