Data Entry Specialist: Your Gateway to the Digital Era

A Data Entry Specialist is the unsung hero who helps transition your company into the digital era which also involves your management of big data. They quietly work remotely or in their private cubicle documenting every piece of data that you have into online spreadsheets or word documents that are then stored inside your desktops and databases. They make sure that every iota of the data that they record is accurate. Their diligence can be painstaking, meticulous, and thorough. All that attention and concentration on detail will save you a lot of headaches later on. Because in order to become competitive or maintain your edge in this highly technological business landscape, you need your data updated at all times and with the highest possible accuracy. You also need to be able to access it if you want to make major critical decisions. That accessibility and readiness will be difficult to have and manage if you don’t have teams of data entry specialist transcribing and recording all that online information for you.

To understand the importance of this role in your company, you need to appreciate the scope of the work that they do. Every kind of document and online record imaginable is left in their hands to type and put into your database. These include but are not limited to books, claims, forms, images, invoices, mail, periodicals, research papers, receipts, and surveys. While many of your managers and professionals just want to look at the big picture — the result of surveys, for example, or the turnout of campaigns — your data entry professional have to have that keen eye to ensure that no detail gets lost during their entry of online data. They check and double-check to see that they are entering the right number, letter, word, or image into your database.

They have the patience that not many in the workforce have. This can be seen when they transfer the data and information that are still recorded on the traditional paper and make an online entry out of every single one of them. This online data encoder pores through printed reports, magazines, newspapers, notebooks, accounting ledgers, receipts, signed contracts, and any other document you can think of. They comb through each entry to see that it is, in fact, the number, statistic, word, or sentence that it is supposed to be. It is not fun to rifle through an antiquated filing cabinet or tons of old books, but a data entry specialist can do that without missing a beat.

They are also whizzes in computer processing — they have to be in order to make that correct online entry. That means they have a high degree of proficiency in the office software that we ourselves don’t fully utilize. Many of them are like data entry operator who actually knows how to maximize the use of a word processor, a database, or a spreadsheet. They are adept in using MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, XML, ePub or Mobi, and PDF.

Data entry play a part in improving your company’s efficiency and productivity. Imagine an office where the data that is in your database is neither accurate nor accessible. Think of what it would be like if you and your full-time staff were to do all this online entry — you would be bogged down in all this recording and typing that you would not be able to do your particular job. The entry of big data into our work place is endless, thanks to the internet, and transcribing, recording, and storing them cannot occupy your time and attention, or your staff’s. These professionals save you from all that work, freeing you to do the things that you are passionate about.

HOPLA can provide your company the kind of proactive, smart, and hard working data entry specialist who can continually make your company, through its organized data, a big player in the digital age. One of the things that make us different is that a seasoned project manager oversees these remote workers and ensures that they deliver on time and according to the highest professional standards. If this interests you or you want to hire a professional who can support your business, call us now or click on