Online data entry companies are an advantage to a world that fully goes digital. In the same way, the rising demand for digital marketing strategies calls for the need for more skilled data entry workers. In return, data entry workers needed to step up their skills to meet the needs of digital marketers in a competitive economy.

Skyrocketing demand for digital marketing services

Digital marketing not only caters to internet marketing companies but also to other industries (see: all). Digital marketers usually help small businesses on a shoestring budget. Besides, online advertisements cost reasonably cheaper than traditional media exposure despite the wider reach.

Measuring success through online marketing campaigns is still unclear. Whilst the metrics provided by each social media platform, the standard success rate remains vague. But one thing is for sure: 2.5 billion of the world population are smartphone users and ignoring these statistics can harm a business with no online exposure. 2.5 million of missed opportunity to increase brand awareness and invite potential customers. This pushed the big guys to acquire digital for their marketing efforts, and eventually, an outpour of clients for digital marketers.

Customized data entry services to rescue

Online data entry sounds simple. And it is! However, with digital marketers having a diverse clientele, the work also varies depending on the client and industry needs. Online data entry companies recognize these differences in demand. Not only do they have to flex their offerings, but they also need to step up their tech know-how so they can offer customized data entry services.

Here are five straightforward ideas of customized online data entry services.

  1.  Online copy-and-paste with data sorting. This is basic. In a way, digital marketing managers are too busy strategizing to be bothered by simple tasks such as this.
  2. Image data entry. Content is king is the rule. But while content writers can take care of producing insightful blogs and website copies, data entry staff can cover the small-but-important things. This includes image caption, image alt-attributes, and more image-related tasks.
  3. Online entry for product catalogs. Digital marketers working on an e-commerce website can benefit from this data entry service big time! Data entry workers can help speed up the process especially when a brand or online store deals with a huge inventory.
  4. Data entry and content conversion. Making your content available to your audience in all possible format increases exposure and brand awareness. This includes but not limited to PDF files, Mobi, Epub, and even voice-to-text transcriptions.
  5. Online data entry on receipts and invoice. Digital marketers offering consultancy business can use the help of online data entry companies who offer receipt and invoice data entry service. This will fasten invoicing. Early invoice means right-on-time professional fee from clients!

Online data entry companies with an unconventional approach

Although online data entry companies have different approaches in the process flow, all of them aim toward the same goals: client success. Data entry work keeps evolving as business changes. But one size doesn’t fit all. You have to find the perfect match that has the capacity to deliver and the flexibility to deal with ever-growing data.

HOPLA, a distributed outsourcing company, has proven how data entry jobs can positively contribute to digital marketing agencies and professionals alike. Headed by global outsourcing experts, HOPLA practices an unconventional workflow for specific industries in need of data entry specialists. In addition, we practice managed outsourcing to make sure that nothing is amiss on our end. Finally, we are in tune with the current market developments to ensure that our work is never outdated.

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