Coaches are the living guardian angels who hone and set us ready for the next stage of our life through a series of sessions. Each session is different as it is with every client. Dealing with multiple clients simultaneously on a daily basis can be exhausting enough — mentally and emotionally. When things get out of hand, we come to realize that coaches need help too, and a remote personal assistant can be their accomplice to a more relaxed but absolutely successful coaching career.

Good coaching performance comes the pouring of clients in need of your help. Picture yourself out with a long list of sessions booked with several clients, it can get hazy when not managed well. Instead of carrying out all the necessary work, find a remote personal assistant who can lift all the heavy works for you and focus on your core strength: attending to your clients and helping them to reach their 100% full potential.

Virtual assistant companies recognize the need of all industries to get the service of a dedicated remote personal assistant in improving daily work operations. They can do so much for a life coach from tasks as simple as sessions booking to hunting prospect clients for your coaching career. Here we jot down a few ways on how a remote personal assistant can help your coaching career.

Helps you get ahead of the curve

The overwhelming number of people starting to realize the importance of coaching in different aspects of life poses as a great benefit as well as a challenge for coaches. While it greatly increases the value of potential clientele, this also poses as a challenge to competition and brand crisis as more untrained and under-trained individuals pose as coaches. Have a professional help free up your time to allot to further studies and broaden your qualification as a coach. They would also for sure help recognize that hard work by updating your credentials on your site, email signature, and other necessary documents.

Building customer trust

The first point of contact is a focal point in every coach’s career.  Your success as a coach hinges on the trust your coachee gives you and your first point of contact could determine all that for your coachee. A remote personal assistant who makes sure that every inquiry, appointment setting, and questions are attended to timely and seamlessly could make or break that first focal point. Remember, making your coachee feel they are important to you is essential in building trust.

Email management and marketing

As a coach, your email can be bombarded with ceaseless messages from clients and non-clients. Your remote assistant can help you sort your messages and attend only to those important notices that need your personal correspondence while they deal with hundreds of queries that may also be important somewhere along the line.

Website management

One of the many compelling qualities of a remote personal assistant is knowing their way around the internet. Some have basic web management, social media management, and digital marketing skills which can definitely help your sales and lead generation. They can also extend the works to enhancing your website’s holistic appeal, as well as use it as an effective marketing tool to maintain and attract more clients.

Managing promotional channels

This includes but not limited to social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Reddit. From curating content to intensifying your service’s exposure through various approach, they can be your right hand in creating a group of loyal following in different social media platforms. Or better yet, they will do all the work for you.

Setting up your videos and webinars

Launching a weekly webinar can seriously boost your coaching career. Getting an extra hand can help you set up weekly webinars, plan your webinar calendar as well as track and analyze webinar visitor data to up your coaching business.

Feedback reporting

Getting clients’ feedback can be too much for a coach. Your remote personal assistant can gather them all for you and compile them into a comprehensive report. This saves you the hassle of dealing with individual feedback and focus on catalyzing these feedback into what can help you be a better coach.

Managed remote personal assistant

Outsourcing companies offering virtual assistant services are keen on improving the life of coaching professionals who need to better their careers through smart solutions. HOPLA, a distributed company with teams of managed work-from-home remote professionals can help you with that!

Our remote personal assistants have a wide skill set that can bolster your coaching career from admin works to marketing automation and sales funnel. They are managed by a seasoned project manager that makes sure quality work is accomplished in a timely manner. Not to mention, HOPLA creates a fun virtual environment powered by time-tested tools that help team members connected with each other without boundaries.
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