As your business grows, you realize that you have to augment your marketing efforts, too. You will surely stumble upon the idea of acquiring an online marketing assistant to put your brand and services out there and reach more potential clients. You will be seeking the help of someone who will manage and boost your online presence. The question is, do you know how much work you need from your virtual marketing assistant? How much do you need to pay him/her? What are the specific tasks he/she needs to do?

You may be having a lot of questions as you venture into the idea of hiring a new person to help you with your business. Fret not because we’ve got you covered! We will give you ideas that will answer all your mind-boggling questions about finding the right virtual marketing assistant.

Online Marketing Assistant Job Description

An online marketing assistant’s job description is more than what you already know. Aside from giving assistance to the marketing manager, he/she is also expected to be adapt of the digital industry. The job may also require him/her to create new marketing concepts and initiate approaches crafted specifically for your business.

While you have to focus on a candidate’s skills and previous experience, this list may also help you decide to opt for a newbie who is willing to learn, equipped with fresh ideas and willing to extend more efforts to be an effective team member of your organization.

  • A mix of creative and analytical skills – an digital assistant should be both creative and analytical. While many marketers want to focus on only one, it’s an advantage to have both. In digital marketing, we believe that content is king but only when it’s valuable. And how do we measure value? Numbers. Tools like Google Analytics can help online marketers generate numbers. But it takes an analytical mind to comprehend these numbers and effectively utilize them for future campaigns.
  • Sales skills – a real marketer knows his/her market and must be knowledgeable of the selling process. While some digital marketers don’t have to close a deal with clients, they should be equipped with the right understanding of lead generation for the sales department.
  • Marketing Channel Proficiency – Online marketing is broad and it can offer your business surefire success if used the right way. But take note that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why your digital marketing assistant should be proficient in managing various channels and make them work for your business. They should possess the right amount of understanding of each channel’s dynamics be it SEO, SEM, email marketing, or social media.
  • An understanding of WordPress – 30% of the internet uses WordPress for their website. Most of these websites are businesses catering products and services across the world. Having an understanding of this platform is a vital qualification for every online marketer. Knowledge of the latest updates, plugins, and their functions is definitely something to be considered when looking for a digital marketer. WordPress always offers something new and it’s important that your marketing person is always up to date.

The list goes on and must be deliberately considered when hiring an online assistant. However, you should never forget to display interest in their hard skills such as strong computer literacy and familiarity with social media tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Planoly. Digital marketing assistants should also know how to run campaigns, data reporting, and competition monitoring. Further, they should have an eye for designs. This entails basic multimedia skills such as photo and video editing, as well as the use of Adobe Suite for graphics.

Outsourcing and Monitoring your Remote Marketing Assistant

Businesses are now wide open to the idea of outsourcing employees from all over the world. Besides the fact that outsourcing is cheaper than hiring an in-house marketing assistant, it also endorses access to global talent and promotes the opportunity to work with a multicultural team. Outsourced digital marketing assistants are usually highly experienced. They deliver data-driven results that are essential in measuring a company’s success.

Managing a remote employee is easier than what you might have expected. Micromanaging is not advised and is indeed not healthy both for the employee and the manager. There is a myriad of tools available for project management, time tracking, and collaboration that will help you sort out day-to-day processes in just a few clicks. Tools like Trello provides manager an overview of projects’ current status.  Additionally, communication apps like Skype and Slack are commonly used for real-time team collaboration which bolster productivity in an organization.

On the Employer’s End

Once you’ve sorted out your preferences on your ideal employee, it’s time to work on the your responsibilities as an employer. First on the list is the amount of salary you’re willing to pay your digital marketing assistant. This should be fairly negotiated between both parties. The remuneration should be based on the amount of work needed to be done as well as the skills and experience of the applicant.

Next, you should discuss the number of hours per week compulsory for him/her to finish his/her deliverable. Further, be clear with the required specs of their computer laptops as well as internet speed in his/her workplace, tools, software, and database access once they start working for your firm.

It is also important to educate your applicants about the nature of your business and clarify if they have prior experience working on the same industry. This usually tests the applicant’s willingness to work for your organization regardless of previous experiences and present knowledge on their field of work. In the end, you still have the final in choosing the right person who will help you amplify your digital presence.

If this seems like a lot of work to include in your busy schedule, there are companies like HOPLA who helps businesses hire remote employees through managed outsourcing. Outsource the right people at the right time. Contact us today and we’ll find a digital marketing genius who fits your every requirement.