Every business deals with employee turnover. This happens when an employee leaves and a new one takes their position. Employee turnover can benefit a company given the right circumstances. But often, it means wasted time and resources. Generally, companies that support remote work have lower turnover rates. But if your employees come and go, that means you are doing something wrong and you need to start learning how to manage high remote employee turnover.

Top Causes of High Remote Employee Turnover

To reduce employee turnover, you need to pinpoint what causes it in the first place.  The usual causes of high turnover rates in home-based companies include:

  • Hiring mismatch
  • Compensation is not enough for the workload
  • Insufficient employee engagement efforts
  • Lack of constant communication
  • Ineffective training and management

The key to effective employee retention is to address these issues.

Manage High Remote Employee Turnover Immediately by Starting with Recruitment

It’s quite easy to find skilled and experienced talents. However, not everyone is cut for remote work. There are those that can get easily distracted. Meanwhile, there are those who love socializing and thus perform better in an office setup. Some tend to feel more motivated when closely supervised.

As a managed outsourcing company, HOPLA connects you with talents who are in for the win in a remote work set-up. They are experienced in finding people who have the right attitude as well as the mindset to excel in the remote working lifestyle. Finding the perfect talent that suits your needs is HOPLA’s expertise.

Pay Them Well and Fair

One reason why companies go remote is reduced operational costs, which include employee compensation. Even employees themselves understand this. Often, they’re fine with receiving a lower salary, since they won’t have to worry about expenses associated with an office job.  However, you shouldn’t take advantage of that. You can’t expect to maintain employee satisfaction if you do not pay them enough for their efforts.

But how do you find that sweet spot between saving on costs and keeping remote staff happy? Distributed outsourcing could be the solution.

Distributed outsourcing is a new staffing tool that allows employers to leverage talents from across the globe at a fraction of the cost. Through distributed outsourcing, you can outsource repetitive tasks to remote employees belonging to lower-wage clusters who specialize in your particular requirement. By opting for this setup, you’re giving highly skilled talents a chance to earn while working from home. And even if you pay them lower than how much you would pay an office-based employee in your country, they will still get a pay higher than the average in their country. It’s basically a win-win!

Make Them Feel Appreciated and Connected

Another way to effectively manage high remote employee turnover is to make your home-based staff feel that they are appreciated. You have to remember that despite the distance, they are still your people—people who help you get things done.

Here are some things you can do to make your remote staff feel that they are a part of your team and whatever it is that your company is cooking:
  • Provide constant feedback. Give them constructive criticism to improve their skills further and give them recognition for every job well done.
  • Check in on them every once in a while. Not just to follow up on tasks, but also to genuinely ask how they’re doing.
  • Build a relationship with them. We’re not talking about the mere boss-employee relationship here. Make it a point to show them that they can reach out to you whenever they have a pressing concern. As much as possible, be their friend.
  • Take advantage of technology. Use online collaboration tools not just for assigning and monitoring tasks, but for creating a sense of belongingness as well.
  • Hire someone to do all these for you. Developing a business is hard work in itself. If you want to focus on your more important tasks as a business owner but still agree that everything listed above should be done, then get someone to manage your remote team for you. One way to take these off your worries is to work with a home-based recruitment company like HOPLA. As a managed outsourcing company, we will connect you with remote project managers that can make sure everyone in your team is working harmoniously and happily.

If you’re here looking for ways on how to keep remote staff happy, congratulations! You’re well on your way to effectively manage high remote employee turnover. Get in touch with the experts here at HOPLA if you want to get more home-based staff management tips!