Jobs you can do remotely are redefining what it means to work as a professional. Working from home is now no longer exclusive to coding, marketing, or designing. Remote work has opened its doors to online jobs that not a lot of people thought can be done in their own living room. Moreover, remote work is continuously growing globally and is not seen slowing down anytime soon. It has been even touted as more than just a global trend. In 2018, as a matter of fact, remote work and workplace flexibility have been officially recognized as a global industry.

Catching up with jobs you can do remotely

Working remotely is a situation in which an employee works mainly from home and communicates with the company by email, telephone, and any other available technology. A lot of articles and studies have been done on the rise of remote jobs to understand the wonder around it. However, the subject of remote work is more than just people trying to get on the bandwagon.

The generous benefits of jobs you can do remotely continuously attract professionals around the world and who can blame them? It provides professionals agency to carry out work on a couch, deliver results at their own pace, and have more time for their family.

Online jobs indeed offer flexible work arrangements that enable professionals to balance their work and personal lives. It’s exciting how it’s gone beyond data entry jobs and successfully evolving into a scalable industry. A virtual assistant is more than just someone who can manage business emails while in a coffee shop. You too can be productive even if you’re already successful professionally.

Most employees start off small, for example, freelancing on small projects while building their network of clients. They do this on a part-time basis until they’ve established their practice and reputation and let it naturally become a full-time endeavour. So what are examples of online jobs you can also do anywhere except the office? Here are some examples:

Online Pharmacist

Online jobs for pharmacists are more than just entering orders into an online database and dispersal approvals. The jobs available for them can involve management, transfer, and analysis of prescription orders. They review dosage instructions and provide virtual patient care services. There are also pharmacists who work online as clinical research coordinators, wherein they help operations for clinical trials. Some online pharmacist jobs, in addition, involve consulting with physicians and healthcare professionals on recommendations they have for a patient.

Search Engine Evaluator

When Google doesn’t always get you the right answers, a search engine evaluator is one of the jobs you can do remotely. How? Follow a set of guidelines to analyze search results for relevancy and quality. You might be thinking, isn’t that done by a program or algorithm? Yes, it is! But there’s only so much that artificial intelligence can do. Search engines still need that human factor to interpret searches and predict results when the query contains unrelated words. A search engine evaluator helps give desired results.

Online Juror

Yes, you read that right. You can work as part of a jury virtually. Virtual jury research is a technique used by lawyers to prepare for a trial. Lawyers seek feedback on their case from jury consultants to help plan the case presentations. They usually develop a trial theme on audio or video presentation that an online juror can listen to and view. An online juror is like a product tester who reviews a lawyer’s case to help them determine the probability of the trial outcome.

Personal Historian

Moments and memories are important to your present as well as future generations of your family. A personal historian does personal and family history research and record keeping. Furthermore, the work mainly involves delving into personal histories through interviews about life stories and experiences. As a personal historian, you’ll be expected to chronicle moments to help people leave a legacy to future generations.

Online Teacher

One of the noblest of professions is also one of the amazing jobs you can do remotely. If you have that passion for building on knowledge and the future of an individual, this is the online job for you. The opportunity for online teachers is robust. You can be a math tutor, a teaching assistant, or an ESL instructor. As an online teacher, you need to prepare course materials, plan teaching methods over the phone or Skype, and grade your students.

Balancing Flexibility and Growth

It’s amazing how technology has made it possible for thousands to practice their profession in a virtual environment. Who would have thought that you can work from home and make real money with your expertise? If you are an expert in your field craving for the flexibility of an online job, start by choosing the right work from home company to partner with. We at HOPLA offers such an opportunity.

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