Wi-fi? Check. Breakfast and Coffee? Check. Toiletries? Check. A map with must-visit places? Check. Congratulations! Your home is now among over 4 million AirBnB listings worldwide. You’ve finally ticked the last item on your list for making your home a 5-star rental destination. If you’re starting to wonder how guests can start booking your place, you might want to think about hiring an outsourced social media manager to spruce up your listing.

Reasons to hire an outsourced social media manager

Running a rental all by yourself is a demanding prospect. Aside from preparing the amenities your home offers, you also need to set the rent at a reasonable price and know your target travelers. Moreover, you should consider making your listing more attractive if you’re envisioning to rent out your place as a source of passive income. This is where a social media manager can lend you a helping hand.

They can add flavor and flair to your listing to boost their visibility and enrich customer experience because they are hardwired to make businesses flourish in the online space.  They can manage your online presence to let you focus on being a good, even great, AirBnB host. They understand the internet generation’s wanderlust and how to get bookings for your home. Your remote social manager can map out a plan on how to maximize your listing’s earning potential.

Outsourced social media manager can do a lot for you

Still on the fence about getting an extra pair of hands for your AirBnB business? Here are some ways an outsourced social media manager can turn views of your Airbnb listing to guaranteed bookings.

  1. Writing content. They can craft engaging posts for your listing. They can plan a marketing campaign by writing about the must-see places and must-do activities for a worthwhile stay and experience. They have a knack for appealing to your potential guests through words.  Skillful writing can increase engagement, extend your reach, and create an unforgettable experience from the first click.
  2. Creating multimedia content. These professionals can edit photos and curate them on your page. They are equipped with the creativity to work on a strategy to make the latest digital marketing trends work for your listing. You can also enhance your potential guests’ view of your home by letting them create and edit videos of your place and ultimately provide your guests a complete feel of what it’s like to be inside your home: cozy, comfortable, and just right for them.
  3. Providing bespoke customer service. Good customer experience means quality customer service. They keep track of reviews and uses these to build your relationship with your customers. They ensure that you and your brand are communicated clearly. Not to mention, they have access to various tools to help them monitor conversations about your listing. They can also field queries and offer quick responses to questions and feedback.
  4. Analyzing clicks and bookings. After creating content, promoting your listing, and taking care of your customers, it is important to measure the success of your marketing efforts. These talented professionals can analyze the demographics of your viewers and use these to tweak your strategy. For instance, they are able to track what worked and what didn’t with your marketing model. They will eventually turn the data they’ve gathered into recommendations and guidelines for improvement.

Where to outsource social media manager?

A social media manager can plan a strategy to elevate your listing, organize your content, and buy back some of your time. Consequently, it is an opportunity to focus on making your guests fall in love with your home and choosing you again for their next visit.

Finally, what’s best about all this is that outsourcing a social media manager is not even that complicated. Managed outsourcing firm HOPLA can help you find the perfect candidate for you. Hire a professional today so all you’ll have to worry about moving forward is building a minibar and making your suite (*wink*) dreams come true.