The global property development sector is awakening to one important business realization: there is a need to hire Filipino virtual assistants for real estate businesses. The real estate agents, brokers, and other related professionals do need the help of an online sidekick. Someone to help them keep things in order, moving and organized. Filipinos, or citizens who live in the Philippine archipelago in Southeast Asia, are getting special notice because of their keen attention to detail, extraordinary ability to multitask, legendary patience in customer service, and sweet-talking, charming salesmanship.

The Property Forum gives one strong advice to those who want to make it big in the business. Once you gather five assets in your portfolio, that’s the time to hire Filipino virtual assistants. Do not wait to add another asset to make it sit in your portfolio. Those five assets alone will take a lot of your time — you’ll be showing prospective buyers the properties, haggling with the seller, doing all of the necessary paperwork, and continue to find more buyers to both you the seller, and the most likely buyer will be happy with the final deal. 

3 Reasons to hire Filipino virtual assistants

While it is true that there are hundreds of talents from a lot of countries floating on the net, HOPLA recommends that you hire Filipino virtual assistants. Our experience in managing remote teams of workers have given us an appreciation of what the different nationalities positioned in various jobs can bring to the table.


Filipino virtual assistants go the extra mile

First, you should Filipinos because they are known to go the extra dozen miles for their clients — which can mean you and even your own client base of sellers and buyers. A lot of unexpected things happen in your daily routine. You think you’ve set your schedule and then something comes in to interrupt it. Your leads don’t pan out, and you have to find another. The property that looked good online was a disaster when you visited; now you have to find another home for your enthusiastic buyer. The virtual office assistant you hire must be able to keep step with you and respond quickly to these emergencies. The Filipino virtual assistant does not just think on his feet — but they are generous when it comes to their work and their time. They won’t log off, even though their shift is over because helping you solve your crisis is the top priority.

They think outside the box

Second, realtors hire them for their ability to think out-of-the-box. Yes, they will manage your schedules, screen your calls, and organize the emails in your inbox. That’s expected when it comes to the job. However, Filipinos will always be thinking of ways to perform tasks faster and more efficient. For instance, five meetings can be scheduled in a day instead of the usual four. If you can’t find a list of buyers, they will know which potential partner to approach a prospective database. This trait comes in handy in an industry that is very competitive; it can help you outmaneuver and outrun your rivals.

Patient and resilient

Finally, they are well-known for their patience and resilience. Endurance to suffer and triumph over an ordeal is encoded in their DNA, probably because they live in a country that suffers dozens of storms every single year. Filipinos will hang on and stick with you through the toughest moments, whether it’s an angry client or a malfunctioning computer that won’t cough up your list of customers.

Your Filipino virtual assistant will even smile and cheer you through these dark hours. That’s why you should give it a try and hire Filipino virtual assistants. We have remote teams manned by these industrious, cheerful workers. Call us today so we can craft the best solution for your real estate business.