Are you an author who wants to devote more of your time writing? Someone who want to focus on your craft, but the menial, daily tasks rob a big fraction of your time? Are you that wordsmith who finds it hard to keep up on social media? Overwhelmed with the surge to inquiries regarding your next book? Then, you are not alone! Most authors struggle, too. However, the good news is you can change your situation with a smart solution by hiring a VA. Yes, you read that right. Virtual Assistant for authors does exist.

Virtual Assistant for Authors

When you want something really bad, you work hard for it. And just like any business owner who aspires to succeed, writers share the same aspirations. That is why they want to devote as much of their time as possible trying to improve their craft on finishing their stories. However, authors are just like anybody else. They have responsibilities, bills to pay, papers to process. They also have social media accounts they have to manage and messages to respond to. These activities are robbing so much of their time that they could have devoted to writing.

It is in this light that the VA for Authors started to surface the business industry. They are exceptionally skilled and experienced professionals who help authors with their day-to-day tasks. They add hours to an author’s day as they do the time-consuming tasks for them. Thanks to the rise of the internet, a pool of talented virtual secretaries became more accessible as they are now able to work with authors regardless of geographical locations.

So, how do they differ from all other virtual assistants?

Author Assistant Tasks

Author assistant is an individual who provides services exclusively for authors. Since content is the currency of a writer’s business, authors need to maximize and use their time more efficiently. One way to make it happen is by hiring a virtual author assistant. Through them, you will escape the menial day-to-day tasks and focus more on writing the next chapter of your books and on improving your ideas.

What could an author assistant do? Read on and be amazed at how an author VA can lighten up your load.


Research is time-consuming. Making sure your facts are correct and looking for factual and historical evidence to support your argument can already eat up all of your writing time. However, you do not need to spend most of your valuable time doing all this research. By hiring a virtual secretary, you can spend more time writing your novel and scribbling the next chapter of your story.

Furthermore, an author assistant can also help you find sources that will help you solidify your work. They can also quote first-hand sources and find the right person for the project.

Proofreading and Editing

Once you are done with the researches and the sources, the author starts to write their draft. Once the draft is completed, one would need someone to proofread or edit it. Just like in any form of writing, the more eyes you can get to read your piece, the better. This is because the chances of spotting a grammatical error, typographical error and the lie will lessen.

Thus, hiring a VA for your writing needs will give you a team of professionals who will proofread and edit your work. This is important because there are times when you miss a mistake and publishing work with a lot of errors is a total nightmare. Truly, hiring an author assistant will save you from all these unfortunate events.


So, your writeup has already been edited and proofread. Now you’re in for the next step. Formatting. Each publishing outlet has its own formatting requirements. Keeping up with all of them can be tough. Not to mention, more authors struggle with formatting because it is beyond their expertise.

Creating the Best Published Books

Have you finished writing a story or a novel but do not know what to do next? Are you an author who is considering a book you have written but lacks ideas of what to do? Whether you are the former or the latter, a virtual secretary is what you need.

Virtual Assistant for authors are professionals who work specifically in helping authors create the best-published version of their books. With their in-depth training and experience, you will surely have the best-published book of yours! Their services include the following:

  • Book formatting for both eBook and paperback
  • Editing
  • Book cover designs and layout for both eBook and paperback
  • Book descriptions
  • Provides ISBNs
  • Provide Universal Book Links

Marketing and Selling Your Book

Did you know that being an author makes you an instant business owner? Once you get your book published, you start to focus on ways to market your books. There are times when it gets too overwhelming especially with the surge of day-to-day data. However, author assistants can do the work for you.

These professionals can help you manage day-to-day details. With their training on managing, and monitoring, and marketing book sales, you no longer need to worry about your book’s promotion.

Hire a Virtual Author Assistant Today

Getting the help of a virtual assistant will not just save you time, but will also help you save yourself from the brink of publishing unprofessional work. If you are a best-seller author or an aspiring one, working with a dedicated VA can bolster your chances of publishing more books sooner. Contact us today and start publishing the best version of your book with HOPLA’s best pool of talents. Visit us at to know more!