Are you looking for the best social media marketer to help your company stay ahead of the marketing game?

The best person to hire is ideally an experienced professional who can do the following:

• Establish a solid brand identity
• Schedule and post content at optimal times
• Convert engagement to sales
• Develop an effective social media strategy

Most employers are satisfied with these skills and will settle with the best. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to hire an extraordinary social media manager?

social media marketer

Who is an extraordinary social media marketer?

The perfect candidate is ready for anything. They readily face challenges, such as changing marketing trends, intimidating competitions, and building strong connections. Their patience, dedication, and perseverance continuously contribute to the business’ growth and stability.

An extraordinary digital marketer knows that their responsibilities do not end in planning, strategizing, and posting. Every day, they switch between multiple hats to help your business achieve its goals.

Now that you know who they are, it is time to explore what they can do for your business.


Responsibilities of a Social Media Marketer

They have a multi-faceted role that is necessary for a company’s success. Their responsibilities include:

social media marketer

1. Producing enticing graphics

Did you know that 94% of content receives more views when images are utilized?

Extraordinary marketers possess the skills to conceptualize and create attention-grabbing graphics to guarantee a great head start. They are also responsible for communicating desired visual results and sourcing images appropriate for the content. In most cases, they also edit images and produce the final output. However, it is usually not mandatory to have advanced photo-editing skills.

2. Writing interesting content

Believe it or not, a social media expert can also write.

They are responsible for expressing what your company has to say while maintaining brand identity. They also know how to capture your audience’s attention enough to encourage post engagement.

Advanced writing skills are not required, but it is necessary to have a good command of the language. This way, your brand can avoid embarrassing grammatical errors.

3. Customer service

34.5% of customers choose to approach the company’s social media account when they need assistance. That is why social media managers familiarize themselves with troubleshooting procedures. This way, they can provide immediate support and give a fast solution.

4. Analyzing audience behavior

Social media platforms cater to different types of users. For example, Instagram users prefer visual satisfaction, while LinkedIn users need professional connections.

Experts in social media marketing are well-aware of their audience’s needs, and they use it to their advantage. Digital marketers craft posts that will appeal to the brand’s followers. They base it on how the audience responds to posts.

Marketers measure it with the help of time, kind of content, and what encouraged the action. With the help of this information, the manager can plan and strategize future content. Most of the time, these social experts design content specifically for different platforms to stay relevant to the audience.

5. Incorporating SEO with social media

SEO is crucial to startup businesses. Not only does it give your company a chance to rank better in results, but it also drives desired traffic to your page.

Nowadays, most companies utilize social media to promote their website content. The ideal marketer understands the connection between exposure on social media and search engine optimization. It will be up to your social media expert to guarantee website visits and better search rankings.

Where to find the perfect candidate?

social media marketer

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