Business owners and entrepreneurs, the secret key to getting sales from your e-commerce site is outsourced technical support. Those human chat agents who talk concerns and complaints with equal finesse with your customers spell the difference as to whether they will buy your product or not. The website that promotes your brand and advertises the things that you manufacture and sell is the door that invites your customers to knock and enter. Sometimes, though, even the most welcome of guests hesitate. Your live chat support is your friendly hotel manager who opens the door, smiles at them, and invites them to come in.

The statistics do support this. E-commerce sites need outsourced live chat support or help chat if that virtual grocery or shopping cart is to be stocked with goodies. They might also need another push from the online help chat if the cart is to proceed to the checkout counter. One survey says that 63 percent of the customers who participated said that they will return to the e-commerce site only if it has a live chat component.

If you’re still on the fence hesitating as to whether or not you should invest in outsourced live chat support, there is something important to your business you must consider. Your e-commerce site has a lot of information that your customer will still want to discuss. Yes, they will read the data and browse the website. But at the end of the day, even if you have a long and thorough Frequently Asked Questions page, your customer will want to talk to a fellow human being and ask him or her questions about your brand. Not all the numbers and images on the website will convince them to make that final decision to make a purchase —  they want to be able to trust your brand. A fellow human being could help assure them that they can trust you.

Outsourced Live Chat Support Benefits:

Here are the various ways by which outsourced live chat support can boost the sales of your e-commerce site and campaigns:

Make Customers Feel Valued

First, live chat agents establish that vital human connection between the company and your all-too-human customers. Customers want bang for their buck, and they want every cent in their dollar maximized and enhanced. In short, they want to know that they are getting their money’s worth. The first indication that they will get that service is that if they feel respected and valued. Being attended to by another human being who is competent, smart, skilled, and has their best interests at heart immediately sends a message that they are important. And if they feel that validation from you, they will then feel that because you honor them, you will not sell them a second-rate product or something that is not worth their effort or money. Don’t doubt it:  the very presence of outsourced live chat support speaks volumes to their self-worth and self-respect, which you can leverage on for sales.

Encyclopedia of Answers

Second, outsourced live chat support can quickly answer the concerns of your customer in a way that no website content can. Remember that the customer is prone to asking questions before committing to buying a product or engaging a service. He will ask your live chat agent how your product will function under certain conditions, how it compares to the competition, what he should do in cases of a product defect, or how can your product serve his very particular need. The more thorough and expert your live agent answers these questions, the more likely your customer will buy your product.

The Final Handshake

Third, outsourced live chat support can clinch that deal and persuade your customer to finally buy your product. Trust has been established, respect has been given to the customer, and all his concerns addressed. If your live agent is politely persuasive enough, all the customer’s reservations can disappear — and the only logical choice he has is to click the ‘Buy’ button.

HOPLA’s team of outsourced live chat support can work the same wonder for you:  Engage your customer into staying longer on the site, building a lasting connection with him, and translating simple inquiry into sustainable sales.