Live Chat Services has been a part of the business industry for quite some time now. In fact, it is one of the features of many websites that are soaring high nowadays. The reason behind it is simple. Quality customer service plays a vital role in the long-term success of your business. Your ability to create a personal, and real-time interaction with your customers is a way to get a higher conversion rate. This is because, the more they feel valued, the more likely they are to purchase your products and services. 

Lives Chat Services and Chatbots

The technological revolution has indeed changed the way people do their business. The internet provided companies with a wider range of target market with the way it revolutionized marketing. As a result, they get higher conversion rates and more traffic.

One of the many features brought about by digital advancement is chatbots. The chatbot is used to interact with customers 24/7 via chat interference. However, despite the large availability of chatbots, live chat services continue to soar the business industry due to one thing- human interaction.

Live chat services provide this human touch to customers that gives them satisfaction. In fact, according to Econsultancy, live chat services provide 73% satisfaction level to customers compared to other means of support.  Aside from human touch, what else can it do for you?

What Live Chat Services do for you?

Time is Gold. While this might sound like a cliche, it applies to both of you- the owner and the customer. Considering the value of time, it is important that you are able to respond to your client within a minute. This is your way of telling your prospective customers that they are valued and given importance by your company. Having managed live chat services allows you to interact with your clients at the right time- timing. With proper timing, higher conversion rates are closer to your reach. Thus, knowing the right time to respond and knowing the right words to reply with will provide your customer with a higher satisfaction rate, which will lead them to purchase your products.

But, do you still wonder how managed live chat services are able to do those? Below are the reasons why.

Managed Live Chat Services helps Resolve Problems

A person close to me purchased a device online. After purchasing, he realized that he has some questions he needed to ask about the product.  What he did was to go back to the website and poof, a chatbot welcomed him asking how he is at the moment.

While getting an instant reply within a minute, is a plus for the company. Chatbot can’t really offer anything more than that. It could not answer any inquiry or could not give any clarification. So, he left the chat and called a real human being to resolve his problem instead.

Chatbots can only answer simple and pre-programmed questions. However, Live chat management provides customers with real-time answers to their problems. It is still important that you retain your live chat services on top of your chatbots because they will still resolve the matter in the end.

At HOPLA, we acknowledge the importance of being able to respond to your clients’ inquiry. That is why with our diverse live chat software and team members, we can give the right response to your client at the right time.

Managed Live Chat Services Provides Personalized Experience

One of the best ways to improve the sales of your company is to provide your client with an emotional connection. A connection only real human person can give. I want you to meet James.

James purchased one of your products. After receiving your product, he noticed a defect on it and he wanted to inform your company about it. He also wanted to know the procedures he has to take to have it replaced. So, he went into your website and open the chatbox. Lo and behold, your chatbot asked what he can do for James. James started stating his concern, but your AI-driven customer support’s answer lacked empathy and human touch. Instead of having a feeling of relief, he exited the chatbox and proceeded to call a real human person to share his concerns. He put down the phone with a sense of satisfaction knowing that he is understood.

With this, having managed live chat services on top of your chatbots allows you to have a more personalized interaction with your client. This way, you are able to answer their inquiry honestly, offer personalized advice based on experience and assist them in all the ways you could.

Live Chat Softwares Allows You to Response with well-timed Greetings

Have you ever experienced being greeted with “good morning” at 6:00 in the evening? How did that make you feel? Bad and disinterested, right? Well, that’s okay because who wouldn’t be?

For a company, allowing your clients to experience this kind of customer service will give you fewer conversion rates. Just like what was mentioned above- timing. Approaching your customer with a customized greeting is a step forward in achieving proper timing. If they feel a more personalized connection, starting from the greeting, they will be more interested to purchase your product and services. Resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Perhaps you are thinking, how will we be able to provide them with a customized, well-timed greeting? Well, that is with the help of Live Chat Softwares. HOPLA offers you a wide range of Live Chat Softwares that allow you to set up greetings which will automatically trigger when there is a customer in need. This, added to our pool of dedicated agents from across the globe, assures you that your live chat services are work

What do we Offer You?

HOPLA offers managed live chat services to those who are in need of one. With our pool of experience live chat agents, providing personalized interaction to your clients is no longer a problem. With their dedication in studying and knowing by heart the ins and outs of your products, they are sure to provide your prospect customers all the information they need to know and answer all concerns they might have.