An online marketing manager is someone who helps business thrive in the online space through organic and paid internet advertising. However, the internet is becoming broader as it keeps evolving. With that, Internet marketers know the importance of being up-to-date with the current trends and what’s new in the digital space. As an online marketing manager focuses on the bigger picture, it’s important to have someone who foresees the little things vital to a growing business.

You Need a VA

There’s no question that a busy online marketing manager needs help. Virtual assistants these days serve as the right hand of online marketing professionals as they hustle. As a matter of fact, managing different social media platforms can be confusing. What’s more, handling several clients all-at-once can be perplexing to a sole mind.

Having a virtual assistant pushes an online marketing manager to achieve the equilibrium that he/desires. When things get out of hand, it can domino to the worst case scenario. Multi-tasking can be an impressive skill, but not when you are striving for the best. And your clients deserve nothing but the best. When you think that it’s time to get some help, keep in mind that a virtual assistant is one effective solution.

The truth is, it’s not about time management this time. You can always manage your time. It’s how you delegate– to whom. Here are some important tasks that a virtual assistant can do you for you.

Content Creation

Digital marketing popularized the phrase “Content is king,” which still rings true in this modern online marketing age. While you may proclaim yourself as a creative and a content creator, open yourself to the possibility of creative block. It happens. Most VAs posses decent writing skills to help you create a bunch of content for your clients. Be it for website copies, social media captions, video presentation scripts, and more, a dedicated virtual assistant can unleash their creativity to help you boost your digital marketing projects.

Email Marketing

Email still works magic. The best way to spread awareness about your brands other than social media is through email marketing. Virtual assistants know how email marketing tools work. In fact, most VAs use their email marketing knowledge to nurture your ongoing campaigns and give you accurate data of which works and which doesn’t. More than that, they can do proper adjustments in the marketing funnel just as needed.

Video Editing

Admit it. Video creation takes time. From crafting content to stitching video clips, it is a tedious process. But just because it takes time doesn’t mean you can skip it. As an online marketing manager, you should focus on ranking your social video campaign and let your video editor take care of the rest. Not only does it will improve your work process, but you can also focus on strategizing how to sell your video contents.

Graphic Design

Outsourcing graphic design projects give you a fresh visual distinct from your previous designs. If you will notice, every graphic designer has their own style. Sometimes, designs can be an expression of an individual’s trademark. We cannot deny the fact that every output a creator crafts involves a little piece of something personal. Getting someone to do your image layouts can be beneficial in giving your clients a new flavor in the eye.

Social Media Management

Social media management is a serious job that can make or break a brand. Most online advertising budgets are spent on social media alone. In fact, some digital marketing professionals choose to focus on social media marketing as their specific niche. From content creation to content calendar management, social ads, and reporting, it will take most of your time. Delegating the repetitive tasks of scheduling posts and monitoring to a virtual social media management assistant can be the wisest and cost-effective approach to deal with the bulk of work.

Community Management

Separately, you can hire a virtual assistant to do community management for your social media platforms. Someone who has the right customer service skills and social media voice who can advocate for the brands you handle can be the best choice. As a matter of fact, there’s been a buzz among community managers online. The witty your community manager is, the more your brand attracts a huge social following. Not to mention, these numbers are usually organic.

Sales Funnel

A virtual assistant can take care of your sales funnel as you focus on the greater things. They can serve as your eye on monitoring a customer’s journey. You only need to know the gist of what’s happening on your sales funnel and shy away from the stress and time-consuming task of transforming an audience into a paying customer. Moreover, your virtual assistant can suggest improvements to convert more leads into customers.

A Dedicated Virtual Assistant for an Online Marketing Manager

We understand the intricacies of managing brands and helping them reach their full potential. But as an online marketing manager, you need to be the best at overseeing how everything works in a larger perspective. Outsourcing administrative tasks is a totally acceptable option for those who want to make the best out of available resources. Moreover, investing in a virtual assistant who reports only the things you need to know is an asset worthy of your time and money. Thinking of getting a dedicated virtual assistant? Get in touch with us and let’s assess your needs. Try HOPLA!